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Competition Entry by Blaze_919 (Member)

Submit Date: December 31, 2007

iz new years eve, so iz time to CELEBRATE
u say im fake, then i can guarantee i aint
cuz i got the guns to run u out ya town
so u better listen to me when i scream to get down
im gangsta to the core, all hataz ima try em
if they dont die, ima put em in an insane ASYLUM
cuz i got it like that, boy im full of energy
if u feelin a lil down, come to me i got the perfect REMEDY
a special INGREDIENT, iz as good as they said it is
this green right here is stronger than any kind of MEDICNE
it can make a retard win at a game of scrabble
or make u canoe in a river, with out a PADDLE
but off that, before some one goes and tells the 5-0
they yellin "put ya hands above ya head" and all i say is "I kno, I kno"
but there is one thing, and i promise u can trust this
if u get locked up, u will suffer from INJUSTICE
and if the worlds a stage, and your cell block is a PLATFORM
then out here on the streets, snitches kno i got a hott gat for em
cuz when i reach to ma waist and grab the rubber gripped handle
ima set ya top on fire, like the wick of a CANDLE
so when all is through, iam kick off the year wit a FESTIVAL
ima let off a hundred shots, go ahead and test me fool

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