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Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submit Date: January 1, 2008

Mothers are tired of Lighting a Candle for their sons
Police brutality getting hard to handle..RUN!
The world is blind to violence
Censored statements so we sit in silence.
We Paddle our boats through
The court systems injustice.
Itís just us trying to climb over the barbed wire
Watching the cross burn from the fire.
We Celebrate Dr king on Jan 15
They preach love is the Remedy, love ur enemy
there aint no Medicine to heal the words they hate me.
They always mistake me for another man,
But im shades darker than the other man.
I wear my African bangles, dancing on a Platform.
To beat of the drum called the banjo at a Festival.
Society corrupting the brain sending niggas to the Insane Asylum
Knowledge is the main Ingredient but some donít know where to find him
And Drugs..!!! they always think that we buying them
we selling them, we doing them,but they doing em too donít let color fool you
If you got Daddy issues let the streets school you mentality is brutal.

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