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Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submit Date: January 2, 2008

Time to CELEBRATE 2008,

Eastcoast niggas on that cake,

Hustling hard for our kids sake,

Personalized PLATFORM license plates,

Drop offs up and down the interstate,

Be late pay for high interest rates,

Transporting the FESTIVAL crates,

Money long like Kellog's Cornflakes,

Life is going to treat me great,

Bless me with Candle-light Remedy dates,

Right lane slow pace to relate,

The real from the ASYLUM fake,

INJUSTICE snakes in the grass,

I'll PADDLE blast with a ez-pass,

Ended up in a second car crash,

The devil bash left a gash,

Red flash on my INGREDIENT head,

Symbol of death on the funeral bed,

God's MEDICINE saved me from the dead,

Instead he took out my Mr. Ed.

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