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Competition Entry by NYCeaze (Member)

Submit Date: January 3, 2008

First and foremost I'm dominating the game/ What I spits over your head, like a bitch giving brains/ No homo, just understand the intellect/ you intercept sentences n' re-post them on the internet/ Eternal wrote a rhyme, got people started namin' them/ Biting off my style and I ain't even famous yet/ You're light like a CANDLE, I'm hot like a furnace/ so learn that your rap pages should be burned and/ Never rehearsed son your so undeserving/ Just a lil bitch nigga having fun cursing/ Listen you're a boat without a PADDLE, useless/ Alicia Silverstone in this battle, Clueless/ You run with the clowns, son you work at a FESTIVAL/ Virgin nigga putting the pussy on the pedestal/ Yes faggot, this is just an INJUSTICE/ your soft like a muffin and small like a dumpling/ But hold up! Diamond needs her some MEDICINE/ The cum in her mouth threw the D's off for evidence/ No rape, I mean the bitch wants the REMEDY/ She had her legs spread like the symbol for twenty three/ Yes thats Jordan, see how I elevate?/ Focused like a monk, niggas think that I meditate/ Stripper for 08, thats how I CELEBRATE/ Drive like a porn star, bitch I penetrate/ Alone on a PLATFORM, I'm out on my own/ I stand tall like a giant, you're short like a gnome/ Styles crazy, I belong in an ASYLUM/ I'm violent while you do what I says like Simon/ I'll buy you a drank, a roofies the main INGREDIENT/ Drug the bitch up just to show off the deviance/ Listen I'm ferocious, atrocious, the grossest/ Loud motherfucker NY is outspoken! Easy, NYCeaze nigga BX, Washington Heights, Keep my dick out your mouth....Shout out to $paide, everyone else here is lame....BLAOW!

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