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Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submit Date: January 5, 2008

You drownin in a soup of shit, you the main INGREDIENT/
Should I throw you a PADDLE, or watch you sink like cement//
And my flow is st8 from the ASYLUM, it's crazy sick/
No MEDICINE you buyin could REMEDY this shit//
CELEBRATE this lyrical great in 2008/
Hold the FESTIVAL in NY, I'm Ceaze'n your state//
Put real M.C.'s on a PLATFORM so you cant touch us/
Just you pluggin my MIC in is a fuckin INJUSTICE//
You disgust us, but I'm about to make things right/
Stick a lit CANDLE in ya eye, now do you see the light//
And lil Sleeze ya ballemic flow aint worth the bite/
Not tryin to steal ya flow, just showin you how to flip it right//
I'd never speak ya name if you didnt speak mine/
And if you left me alone, you might be just fine//
Think your a Giant in New York but you really a Jet/
Fuckin with me, second place is as good as it gets//


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