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Competition Entry by twiggy (Member)

Submit Date: January 6, 2008

I stay on like the CANDLE
cos i can handle
all things am found doing
cause i gat the MEDINCINS for the REMEDY
and u can see it
cos am well doing
which is meant to be
cos i gat my rymes mixed
with alot of INGREDIENT
which makes me a lergent.
and i CELEBRATE like the celebrety
and i gat my redy named FESTIVAL
which is redy made,
and i stay fly
cos i gat everthing control in a PLATFROM
like am running a political party
and not running a grop of ASYLUM
cos in my party no form of INJUSTICE
cos i gat their ass weeped
with a PADDEL cos it's not a sallun
that's is why they call me
the ll weep hal-iow-een.

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