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Competition Entry by DTre (Member)

Submit Date: January 8, 2008

i put a hex on this keyboard/ to show in this screen/ D-Tre won this flow/ im taking home the award/ i took my sketch book to the PLATFORM/ performed it in a form of a poem/ leaving actors annoyed but they're smile still showing/ i had a crowd/ that is God signing/ my lyrics guide em' had
going nuts like in an ASYLUM/im giving em' cure with no need of MEDICINE/ the doctor slape me/ he said he needs to sell it to them/ so i guess money can be/ a government INGREDIENT/ say it aint!/ i urge you to experiment/ most of us people/ PADDLE on dry surface/ we hesitate and do wat it takes/ once we get it/ we gone and CELEBRATE/ everytime im rapping bout this money subject/ the fans loud scream!/ like going through INJUSTICE/ yall gotta loosen up/ yall gotta let it go/ im flexible/ thats how i twisted into a FESTIVAL/ they lid they're CANDLES and pray for me/ im so tough for yall/ they want me to show some mercy/ i cant calm down once im cought up in this frown/ HIP HOP REACTION is my hometown/ i show my skills flowing like im versing/ it even sounds like a chorus while yall are hurting/ im suppose to end yall mad as fuk expressing ugly cursing/ i feel felony/ at the same time im thinking...REMEDY.

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