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Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submit Date: January 27, 2008

1st off, callin my name TWITCH is something you should never do/
So now all my fuck him's have turned in to fuck you's//
Reach in my TOOLBOX and take out the titanium TOUNGE/
Then spit hot rocks at ya snot box till the TWITCHin is done//
Now you layin on the ground, you not doin too well/
STRANGERs pushin on ya chest, inhale, EXHALE/
Need to get him to I.C.U. for the attention he REQUIRE/
TWITCH I'm a PROFESSIONAL dragon, I spit nothin but fire//
Aint worried bout the polls, aint no POLITICAL hoe/
Beat you like you a 1 armed BOXER with a jab that's slow//
The INDUSTRY's about 2 feel the effects of 1 who just dont give a shit/
And never appologizin, fuck you is 2 DELIBERATE//
Keep my name out ya mouth and I'll move on without you/
You like J-Lo's ass, still there but no 1 cares about you//


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