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Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submit Date: January 31, 2008

So they think all we want to be is a professional boxer, basketball, and baseball player/ just to get out the ghetto/ niggas smoking weed drinking liquor donít wanna get outta bed tho/ got a bitch (ha, yeah thas what they call her)on her knees given head tho/ bet on the TV screen/ but aint no nigga tryna get tested for the HIV/free clinics aint no stranger to the hood/then you got the nation of Islam tryna get political/ wave yall little signs vote for OBAMA/either way win or lose its still drama/baby mommas all around the world done seen waiting to exhale/ so a female gonna exhale all that anger on a nigga when she donít get them child support payments/the word ďniggaĒ rolls the off tongue like running water from a faucet/ Nigger donít mean NIGGA is what we say, when we say it, its not deliberate/ but you have to wonder when they say it whatís the meaning?/ pull out your intelligence from your tool-box, Now!/we getting clowned on the other side/ while they live good but we dieÖin the streets/ to get a hood pass that donít come easy/ ayo bitch, ayo hoe, they laugh/ rap artists in the industry making money off the sex and its explicit/watch it visually sexual eruption in the sheets/but yet he saying donít get mad at me/sheets greasy from dax/hold up he might be gay if he too Happy hitting from the back, he too attached/ this is just a list of my discrepancies with society it doesnít require a response sit back and let this travel through the tunnel of ya brains thoughts

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