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Competition Entry by $piTter_MagZ (Member)

Submit Date: February 1, 2008

this freestyle aint made from no PROFESSIONAL/ its from me an ordinary teen/ so jus let me be occasional/ do not make me feel so fuckin obsessional/ you fuckas can't even see how ma lyfe is jus may be/ in our world we gotta train to be a BOXER/ in our world we gotta learn tha harder ways in life jus to get through wit lil punks who jump us n shit/n oh how i think of ma friend you noe ma gurl n how we fuckin lost her/ from bein beatin up n shit/ shit/ she got hit/ i hate seein how people teased n fuckin beat tha shit outta this girl everytyme that they boxed her, er'day in each fuckin way how a guy jus mocks her/ clocks her/ backs her down on the ground/ thats how it used to be/ in tha old underground/ wes jus bound/ in our old ways this shit to me is like danger/ Lansdowne block people from "coffee shop" come to me to ask around tha block but i dun even answer cuz to me they jus a STRANGER/ im no guy or no girl, im jus tryna live ma lyfe in this world/i dun take no shit from people specially no fuckin DELIBERATE insult/ to me i cant even count shit or even spit but this is so nawt a simple rate/ we can't even imagine tha dangers or amount to it/ hurry up oh tha fuckin pain looks we gotta sedate/ a dream we can create/ shit we can amount ourselves to take jus for our sake/i guess ima learn shit a lil late/ from bein takin in as bait/ ma TONGUE tastes food like er'body else tha only thin' different bout me is that im jus a teen who's brain mentally's still so young/ is that so damn wrong/ i EXHALE for er'tyme ma friendz Jay and Chris goes ta jail and then wait till they bail/ they hoodz is called Rexdale im alwayz there er'tyme that they unsucceededly fail/ we got boys wit tha big toyz in they TOOL-BOX/ thats why we all here for when tha beat knocks/ they should be tellin us rules and whatnot bout how the so called toy rule makes a fool- talks/ help is what us teens with learning shits REQUIRE/ its sumthin we all need to succeed its like a want a desire/ this is not how tha industry may be/ specially livin in this country/ ill tell yall shit but shits for real/ rap is what we all feel/ this aint no ghetto it aint no meadow im jus tryna tell how it is here in Toronto a.k.a TdoT back on tha other side of bars and buildins near tha train tracks/ we jus hear shit sirens n then silence down on the street places wit hall cracks/ so ima shut up right now n at least take a bow/im not bein all cocky jus so i can win as if im like playin a game of hockey so peace yall/ its nuttin POLITICAL/ its jus a world thats so critical/ im jus tryna tell tha damage from people turnin this world into shit thats too fictional is all we can call/ im ready here to take tha fall/ if yall dun pick me at all. You make tha call.

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