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Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submit Date: February 5, 2008

Filthy rich like Oscar Mayer,
Lyrics on fire to REQUIRE to retire,
As an advance live wires,
TOOLBOX loaded with hammers and pliers,
With the keys in the knight rider,
Stack more paper dress more flyer,
Supplying to POLITICAL buyers,
Snakes in my empire is liars,
Rap INDUSTRY needs a ghostwriter hire,
The next Akuma street fighter,
DELIBERATE this style as a sparking lighter,
Certain rappers I do admire,
Perfect STRANGER on BOXER fire,
I just flow real tighter,
Haters want to EXHALE the shells,
See me go to prison or jail,
Cause Iím spitting out PROFESSIONAL spells,
Same TONGUE different intel,
Smart as a dell not for sell,
Got this monthís contest nailed

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