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Competition Entry by artisin (Member)

Submit Date: February 7, 2008

ayo im on the avenue where they burn from the gunblast/
only way of surviving is learnin to duck fast/
and the back alleys and the yards to run past/
im educated but all my life i cut class/ the way i see it i just went to school in the street/
cause a school cant teach you bout the rule of the heats/
wanna rap i could to you bout the rule of a beat/ no matter how you on it you just gotta do it unique/ yeah,
it's powerful rap the power of time/
keeps a nigga on point give him powerful mind/
cops wanna lock me down just to shit on my pride/
like its illegal for to sit in my ride/
and this is the reason why/
i be spitting these rhymes/
cause some how i gotta releive all this tension inside
glimpse at the sky/
was i really sent hear to die/ and if not
i hope god will send me a sign/
cause if i died now homie i'd be living a lie/
cause my goal is to be one of the illest alive/
and these trees that im hittin, it be gettin me fried/
got me looking at the world through some different eyes
them pigs they sit and they spy/
live a disguise try to analyze life through a criminals mind/
one minute you think that your nigga is a friend and you fine/
the next minute this nigga is gettin you sentenced to five/


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