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Competition Entry by HuStLa Boi (Member)

Submit Date: February 8, 2008

hark hark u sed u professional
luk at yo baby gurl, she stressed u kno?
hangin balls in yo short lil boxer
oh no faggots are here u betta lock yer
runnin into a partay dey callin u stranger
betta move befo dey call up tha ranger
come on man, fo real is u deliberate?
pass on tha word, go on deliver it
u got trouble wit tha tongue
u need help so jus cough out yo lungs
betta breath it hard, come on man, EXHALE!!!
or else dey gon shoot yo ass up straight to hell
searchin thru yo dirtyass shit tool-box
all dey gon find is shit like in yo shoe box
attention is all u require?
yea das wat erbody need n desire
dun u kno its dangerous out in tha industry?
das tha same question dey keep askin me
cops say dey gon protect tha political
fuck dat homeboi dey jus protect dey own shittical ...

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