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Competition Entry by NYCeaze (Member)

Submit Date: February 28, 2008

There's no need to mimic me/ you review me critically/ my style requires knowledge, you just understand STUPIDITY/ So to those that keep listening/ And find my shit interesting/ Go back to their peoples and say "that rhyme was SICKENING,"/ I was bored and kidding/ before work I'm spitting/ writing this verse in 10 minutes, my style has no LIMITS/ so yes its real plain, you guys know what I'm about/ I don't count/ Cuz my money comes in larger AMOUNTS/ I come from fond ORIGINS/ I burry treys when I spit, this shit comes easy like Adam Morrison/ You cant be me so/ You can try to interpret, or beat me at this game using cheat CODES/ You still can't match this COLUMN/ No effort yet niggas can't deny I'm a problem/ Next one Imma kill it, Imma make it a PROMISE/ I shoot down competition, no games my metal gears solid/ I make money, I dont need a reason/ I pile cash up like leaves, money Falls on me no matter the SEASONS/ I rap too unique, my shit fills TEXTBOOKS/ Although I'm right with the punchlines, watch out for left hook....10 minutes, no lie, NY....BLAOW!

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