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Submit Date: February 29, 2008

Column by column I check through the origins,
Biblically coded to ensure that authority
never gets lost within the typematic discernment;
That presentation of His love, cut off by sickening sermons.
A process which amounts to stratified healing.
I venture to see if textbooks parallel what I'm reading.

They explain all the reasons column by column.
If you read between the lines the sky bears the Manna.
As the world burns with the limits of progress
Its sickening to discern the repeat effect of the Maccabeness.

Cataclysmic destruction, volcanic eruption, particle reduction peep my deductions.
Priviledged copyright agendas controlled by the media.
Sickening reasons for sterotyping third world like Eqypt.
What amounts to an threat can only be the origin.

A new world order with a Chomsky described maliscious encroachment.
Don't reckon I'm safe from this bombardment.
Turn off that Diseased fake ass media garment.

I feel you stuck on Corinthians as you interpret this logic.
Scatter your free speech as I Kantianlly watch it.
Every single one of us has a little black hole,
Define your agenda and watch the pale horse roam.

I know you have your reasons but I ain't the one.
If you powerpoint relief than Sanheddrin's the one.

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