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Competition Entry by $piTter_MagZ (Member)

Submit Date: March 1, 2008

When people take a look at me/ Love to take a next-look,
Think I act like Iím all fucked up/ Jus cuz I canít learn or look from a text-book/ i feel so illegitimate/ so some people try to make me feel as if im illiterate/ but ye i gotta hold on/ n be real strong, ye cuz...

People are jus fuckin evil/ itís sickenin/ They make me so mad that literally everyday/ Ma blood is begins thickenin/

Fuck it Iím stuck/ I ainít got no limits/ itís jus inside gimmicks n whole lotta critics/ Gimmmick sent out from cops to tickets/ Every ticket you get/ it only takes livin minutes/
Stick it/

Take ma anger in fuckin amounts/ It piles so high it fuckin mounts/ Too silent here/ nope/ no sounds/ jus sirens comin from up n down/ here on these grounds/ silence,

Cops have they codes/ HehÖ but so do we/ we got a lot,
But carry too much loads/ you blown up/ Too much/ so you see/

When sumthin happen/ cops/ who people fuckin call em/
Cops who are popos in the muthafuckin newspapaer column/

Let me tell you a promise/ HoÖ wait I ainít guní tell you,
You ainít fuckin honest/

Now listen honestly obviously boy you lost/ Itís guní cost ya,

HehÖi got ma reasons/ To be mad/ heh...nuff bout that/ What bout you/ yours last for all seasons/ you all bout pleasin/ dun noe nothin yet..

Itís not ma origin/ but listen/ ppl here dun c what's left missin/ Ma friendz dun like to wear orange in/ Jail/ hehÖ you know/ HehÖbein locked behind bars cuz they crash clubs n drinkin bars/(locked up, locked up) All they do in orange is look up at stars,

They may had showed stupidity/ when they was younger/
Now they payin for it/ But stupidity is bad for when you a teenager who 16/ Who gots to show your identity/ Now Iím done/ gone off n on for this contest/ But least ima tell you iím on this/ Fuck it Iím done/ boy, yo son/ check tha mic I dun got a voice here/ none/
Iíll drop tha mic n now be goneÖ cuz im done.

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