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Competition Entry by free2b_fly (Member)

Submit Date: March 4, 2008

Shit wonít changeÖ. Shit just hurts.
We just pacify even when shit donít work.
Itís built in our origin, itís textbook.
We do it for all the right reasons, still get all the wrong looks.
And weíre idle in our promise to our self.
To concerned about cash amounts and bank accounts to help.
We spend to get it. And reach our outer limits.
When the codes to happiness are already held within us.
And the stupidity is sickening.
We in pain and the true homies is withering.
Let me be your pillar, your shoulder, your column.
I know u got problems lets work together to solve em.
I paint a picture wit words.
Theres pain in my voice and it hurts.
The pain hits the mic and it works.
The worlds getting better, and not getting worse.
I changed it wit my lyrics and did it wit one verse.

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