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Competition Entry by SamVito (Member)

Submit Date: March 7, 2008

The 2008 manifest season,
See why everything happen for a reason,
Witness demons like a deacon,
Cause I shine like a lite-beacon,
Lyrical codes I was seeking,
Start rap ghostwriting every weekend,
Sickening my tetris column style,
Like a streetfighter guile,
Always go the extra mile,
Holyghost promise my paper will pile,
Down south spit out stupidity clouds,
Eastside communicate on nextel towers,
CHP is my origin crew street power,
Our hood execute flower cowards,
Sky always the limits,
Taking advantage of textbook gimmicks,
Certain amounts I will fix,
Spread the word like netflix,
I flow too envy and slick,
Eight years transporting bricks.

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