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Competition Entry by John Ervin aka John Doe (Guest)

Submit Date: March 8, 2008


Cell blocks
Are guards & crooked cops
Who deliver rocks, nonstop
At the ease of a drop
Tic toc goes the clock

And the inmates are just people
With heart and hard fate
Who has no fellowship with the man
And its difficult to escape
The shake

Lights off...Lights off...
As I hear the cold dark night say
But the question is..
Which ones are the predators
And whos da real prey

My mission was unholy
But yet fulfilling
Living in a disturbed and painful weather
I knew my soul was missing

My homeboy Brent told me, one sad time
I be getting drunk and smoking skunk
Just to keep from losing my mind

I wait & anticipate the day
I can fly away
From this hole
Leaving my home
My soul growing old @JME/01/10/2K

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