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Competition Entry by Melcube (Member)

Submit Date: March 10, 2008

It's so hard to keep the vows/ after the water runs down your chest and neck after you bow/ after you make the promise to always say it loud that hip hop lives for ever and knows no bounds./
The devil don't sleep he works harder than bees/ letting loose on your faith for a minute is clear stupidity/ like fucking a bitch without a C/ or stepping in the ocean when you know you can't swim./
Nowadays people learn how to rap from textbooks/ days back hip hop's origin was your heart/ this art can not be taught like a problem of maths/ or written down in codes on a chemistry chart./
In the search for wealth we'll go to any limits/ it's sickening to find out all some do is mimic/ cutting lyrics from famous rhymes and they sill feel it/ if legends didn't write that down how would steal it./
There're so many reasons some say hip hop is dead/ but that don't amount to the truth cuz she's still here/ when I read through the editor's column of 2001 EQ magazine I knew I didn't have to fear.

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