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Competition Entry by Young Holly (Member)

Submit Date: March 11, 2008

The streets in NY are sickening, crack heads begging to do anything for a hit, the smell of dog shit is not too pleasing to the nostrils, un clean hospitals the staff on most occasions are hostile. pushed to limits im not talking bout what rick Ross is rhyming bout/ im talking bout bills up the ass so high to ur neck u cant climb out, everybody wanna stack they paper in large amounts but there are reasons we cant succeed to richness its because we give it, our money to the businessí that produce high end products we can't afford but wanna look good at any cost, now I have to go back to the origin when there wasnít a charge for education back when we were emancipated we fought for knowledge. Web Du Bois went to one of the finest colleges, but now they know we cant afford less blacks deep into textbooks, teenagers into Louie such stupidity, Louie aint buying ur college degree. Moriss codes in the north false impressions that racism isnít there. read the NY times, ah who's reading it, but in there is a column of statistics we donít read enough to know that in were mentioned. The promise weíll get more money is an understatement, hopefully our black leaders make some changes.

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