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Competition Entry by 72 meets 87 (Guest)

Submit Date: March 31, 2008

I just use one percent of my brain ya'll usin ten/
just imagine if I use one more, than ah man!/
ya'll be in big trouble, shure to lose your demand/
gotta reprogram, come up with some other plans/
or stay and fight, try to gain some insight/
how I grip a pen and proceed to make that trick write/
she do what I think without delay/
I do it for the passion first, then the pay/
I don't expect the fame but it's all part of the game/
won't knock another sucka's rap cause that's his thang/
I'm just sayin' switch it up ya'll be soundin' the same/
and I don't be up in them clubs like that to lean, shake,
or scatt/ yeh I get it I know you just hustlin', but I'm tired of waitin' on gutter raps and hot tracks/
my words instigate it, the flow stay tusslin'/
the whole content of this bout is really punishin'
affects of this brawl will leave you slured and mumblin'
you'd be wise to take it slow change could flow/ straight outta nowhere his origion unknown/ a psychopath on a track with a murderous tone.

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