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Competition Entry by JEZUS-h20 (Member)

Submit Date: April 2, 2008

Assylum niggas hate the lyrics I prosper,
End up taking your girl to red lobster,
Then pimp her to make my dollars,
Popping up my dinosaur leather collar,
After praying to our heavenly father,
So I wonít flip on a banana slip,
Going on a Everyday Edison trip,
Had to dip the nuclear explosion whip,
VA been hip on stacking those chips,
2009 is our kangaroo leap year hop,
This windmill train canít ever be stop,
Turning back the grandpa clock,
Back to the year in early 1993,
Spiderweb jealousy killed the B.I.G.,
He was building a golden escape key,
On a rapping chaos money spree,
For all the cool gís just like me,
Been plant good sacrifice seeds,
Ready to take on slow robotic speeds,
Cause the messiah is my only lead

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May 29, 2016

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