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Competition Entry by blaze919 (Guest)

Submit Date: April 24, 2008

i never break ma word, i keep it to the grave
u better behave, or CSI will discover your body in a lake
flip his cell, tell em to send the coroner man
and when he comes, he'll load u into the ambulance
invisible to the eye, ill be waitin just over the bridge
i push a button and the 6 lanes turn tight rope thin
and like UPS, i do the package delivery
if u wanna live, then ma advice is that u listen to me
becuz now adays, everythings gone digital
i can kill u with a phone call, dont u get it fool??
this day and age, security cant do shit to save u
cuz i got enough bullets to kill him, then also slay u
and iz funny how i operate, rare like a black fox
ill chop ya ass up so small, your parts will fit in a match box

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