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Competition Entry by ASI ASI ASI (Guest)

Submit Date: May 4, 2008

they say one is the loneliest numba son/so I roll with a fly bitch otherwise known as Gina the Nina my gun/take u to another afterlife and make you my slave/his moms had to bury him in an early grave/learn your role and know not to misbehave/cuz when ya lifes on the line you can't be saved/heavenly flow delivery like a wordsmith on the slow creep while u in ya home sound asleep/two shots with that metal ruga to ya medula to school ya/put u in the city ambulance/sad thing that nigga didn't stand a chance at a glance/stackin his bubble gum rap money with his contrived dance/digital sales got the game fucked up/aint gotta worry cuz I'm still makin them dirty bucks/hoppin in n out of them cadillac n hummer trucks always discoverin new ways to operate but i'll never negate about movin that weight/hidden away in a stashbox next to an empty matchbox/Not Mr. H to the O .V but I'm still an O.G. from the D and a million bridges far from the O.C./and i chose to dismiss the risk and proceeded to walk that tightrope to get that loot/so I went straight to the root/ 10000 miles east to beirut/with just a thought and a dream/now I'm rich bitch and I'm all about my cream/no need for security its all only Gods will/In the name of Allah we pray and we remain to keep it real

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