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Competition Entry by $piTter_MagZ (Member)

Submit Date: May 5, 2008

yo, i aint never got to worry who fights tha glory,
its jus anotha shitty lil story,
i got to worry though who they bury,
here they all work first they jus ya slave,
they act real brave, but then they get burried to their GRAVE.
its not too noticeable to DISCOVER,
when they try n be so obvious and lose their undercover.
here the sirens and AMBULANCE, theres no silence,
jus too much violence,
they put u out jus like a big ass avalanche,
we live in areas wit big traintracks and a BRIDGE,
they'll move so fast it takes ya right off the middle a ya edge,
im on the end of ma TIGHTROPE, at tha strings of ma L.i.f.e.'s rights hope,
these boys make misery, when they make history,
cuz all they all wanna turn at u to go make a DELIVERY,
its all now DIGITAL,
so were miserable, we are all diferent,
like me, im colourful and visual,
tha severity of the SECURITY has been damned all now way upon o me,
u cant OPERATE, when focus is overated, u cant cope this,
when u dun even noe what tha fuck hope is,
cuz to OPERATE, u gotta co-operate,
im like a MATCHBOX,
when im mad its like the match hatch locks,
cracks open n snaps at any one o yall tryna backtalk. so fuck u.
i dun care if i win this competition.

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