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Competition Entry by Kay-Kay (Member)

Submit Date: May 16, 2008

I put my rap game on DISPLAY I rap what i mean to say
what i feel, I'm like up in the CLOUDS soarin high ain't comin down i'm lookin real cool these girls wanna clown
MEMORIES SERENITY combined into me it makes you want to become my number one enemy. Is you feelin me
Come here step into my TENT i'll spit you out turn you about and then slice you up like i'm on of those SAMARAIS look into my eyes you look confused it must have been from the way i bounced you up like a toy YO-YO No i'm not Ne-Yo I'm just a highschool girl to young to be in COLLEGE only tryin to prove dudes ain't the only ones who can rap
Get slapped if you think i'm writing lame POETRY
My flow so sick you gonna want some more of me
My PERFORMANCE is hot i'm not gonna stop take you to some shop, to get your rap game fixed up
Tell me whats up not you i'm the girl you be seein on the block lookin real nice and cool
so give me a shout, my name is Kay-Kay
You should vote for me like today hey!!!!

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