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Competition Entry by phattgurl (Member)

Submit Date: May 19, 2008

I'm that chick who got the lyrics that will leave you in SERENITY,
make good choices not just physically but mentally,
I'm on my way to COLLEGE, i aint gon end up wit no penalty,
my head on straight thanks to the parents god has given me,
I'm tired of these SAMARAI actin chicks thinkin they can flow,
tryna get on my level but just go down like my YO-YO,
cuz i'll put on a PERFORMANCE that you cannot touch,
have you stuck on MEMORIES like hair to a brush,
If you think you can hang well i suggest you pray,
cuz i'll step into yo tent and put yo rap game on DISPLAY,
you can call this rap or you can call this POETRY,
I'm the Queen of this rap game so treat me like royalty.

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