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Competition Entry by gunnin (Guest)

Submit Date: May 22, 2008

hey wht i think is more than u pretend
money sucker u display ur site is for some lend
ask me some money i will get you
dont sell the talent and put it in the tent
you have to pay the rent , you have to display the poetry
dip down u feel like winning a lottery
i am not puting u in an mockery
i am not pokin in
just talkin in yo yo twice to u
in ur face , i am like lil lue
for u and for them too
next time u hiphopreaction sell my crack i will sue u
to ruin u ,
dont check my serenity dont check my samarai
with my swords on u can check my clarity
u wanna know my performance wht is that i am not talking so much lie
i dont beef but u wanna kill but i dnt wanna die
deep down in my memories there is lot to offer to u
but i dont reminiscence iight now
i am proud to tell u out loud
20 d i will pay u 80 but not my frens who wanna rap then and now
caz they are forming a cloud that wont roll out loud
i found u new mob who wanna rob till we get out so profound

ok homeboys d12 back with their mixtape check em out

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