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Competition Entry by Pernicious (Guest)

Submit Date: May 27, 2008

Tired of Ure Talkin

It takes one sore man to ruin a whole teams performance
Run poor man, tell your memories like Forrest
College attendee, makes collages disordered
Manage to tempt me, to enter scene like reporter
Serenity is lost porter, I was meant to see a force
Sorted through the scenic frost,
To display just your venus boss
Played by a woman and your minds just a yo-yo
Unroll the pressure you inclined to the dope hope
Samarai in your eye C im as high as a cloud
And I donít need to hide where poetry is allowed
Peep me now in a tent, bent off the scenic route
Weenie how can u play genie for a meany mouse :?

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