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Competition Entry by OSWEGO (Guest)

Submit Date: May 27, 2008

Your life has its ups and downs like a yo-yo/but ya gotta man up like a samurai warrior up in a the dojo yo/you keep tryin to progress but all you do is digress kinda like puttin ur car in drive but findin yourself going in reverse/just gotta know that life is both good and bad and its not rehearsed/cant dwell on the past sometimes this is a curse we are nursed with until we are worstened to being in a hurst with/feelin like all you need to do is break free from the, tyranny, the misery and the insanity we call life/cuz ya knowin that others don't suffer from ya pain and haven't been dealt ya strife/a tent of minimal confidence can only protect you from so much/the judgemental hand of the law you saw dealt to you raw has a performance heavy touch /so we be leanin on our memories of simplier times like it was a doctor prescribed crutch/but you haven't seen such in a while like the real hip hop style/so its hard for even the happiest of people to smile/plans for a life layed out like a carpenter lays textile / maybe go to college for a while n hustle for a bit/just to give the fiends what they want to get they crack pipes lit/but u go back to the words of God displayed knowingly like perfect poetry on a blank page/sent down from the heavens by a sage/be up in the clouds somewhere without a care/where you are your own entity in search of your own identity and to you of all I wish you peace and serenity embedded in ya heart not brain like a cranberry stain!


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