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Competition Entry by aener (Member)

Submit Date: May 27, 2008

hey. let me DISPLAY, what i gotta say
tell these other rappers they can't mess with ashlay
i'll wrap them up, like they some kind of TENT
people clap and i ain't even gave a PERFORMANCE
POETRY, poetry, poetry about my MEMORIES, and about the fact that all i want is SERENITY
these mo-jo-jo-jo lookin niggas hatin but what fo?
i'll rap them up and down like a light-up YO-YO
they wanna beat me, but, they don't know how
my levels so high yall...i'm in the CLOUDS
i say bye to a wanna be SAMARAI, wanna fight the world but the first ones to hide
elementary actin teenagers walk with no knowledge
man...acknowledge my smarts is way past COLLEGE

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flamethrower, accident, kangaroo, level, shark, oblivion, storm, vehicle, squeeze, energetic

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May 29, 2016

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