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Competition Entry by cascade (Member)

Submit Date: June 9, 2008

soon am going to be a leader and you all gonna follow
i spit lyrics and hits you like an arrow
am a street breed am clever i street think
don"t mess with me even in your hood i got link
i slice you like my name was machete
you can run hit you cause you my target
when it comes to rap game am a warrior
don't claim to be hard u were f"up in your corridor
am hard strong to penetrate like gravel
weapon fashioned against shall not prosper check in the bible
i love rap sex and gin like i love xx video
my punchlines are hot thats why you want to go to the studio
love crack and girls giving head start while i sip gin
you want to battle me is like going underwater without oxygen
i move faster than your moves even if am on a bicycle
check your dictionary for the meaning of recycle
this ain't no tin tin adventure
am more upgraded,like to leave you face with a puncture
how can you solve me when you can solve a grade 2 crossword
even if you can solve me yo don't even know the password

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