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Competition Entry by Pooch_Dolla404 (Member)

Submit Date: June 13, 2008

Deep Up In Da Streets So Lames Fight For Survival//
Better Keep It Kool Start Findin' God Like Da *Bible*//
I Got The Jesus Piece And It Swings Low On Da *Link*//
I'll Choke Ya Wit Da Chain If I Aint Like Wut Chu Think//
I'm Hotter Den A Flame, Flyin' High Like A Bird//
If You Hate Den Get Put In A Box Like A *Crossword*//
I'm Lookin' For The Gold And I Aint Talkin' Jack Sparrow//
You Try To Stop Me Den I Shoot Like A Bow And An *Arrow*//
You Dont Really Want Beef So Lame Cats Why Start It//
I Load A Clip Up In A Minute, Cock It Back You Da *Target*//
Pimpin' Keep It Kool Or You'll Get Hit By The Rifle//
Blow Ya Bottle Top Off To See If You Can *Recycle*//
You Can Never Be On My Team Was If You Was I'd Bench Ya//
Give You A Peter Pan Job And Send Chu On A *Adventure*//
The First Person To Stall The First One That'll Go//
So I'm Livin' Wit Da Beat Like I'm In *Studio*//
Damn Dat Boy Cold, Ya Know I'm At It Again//
Full Blooded Goon Dont Breathe And I Dont Need *Oxygen*//
Cause Like Lloyd Banks You Know Da Boy Is A *Warrior*//
So Cut The Script Cause I Aint Like I'm Eva Longoria//

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