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Competition Entry by Ra.shaad (Guest)

Submit Date: June 18, 2008

Oh perish BIBLE of mines is the LINK
Assist me through life without a drink
Now that's what I call a WARRIOR
Not only fights the battle but TARGET the war
With an ARROW right through the heart of the war
Cuz you can't forget the pain of the skin when it tore
When demens decided to kick down the door
To the STUDIO where you tried to let it all go
All the hurt
All the crums of dirt
Spreaded across the shoulder's of life
And in just a single night
It felt like a CROSSWORD puzzle
Summer dancing in the winter time
Winter dippin it low so cold in the summer time
And in the spring let it all fall
And in the fall let it all spring
Waking up out of a dream
Catching my OXYGEN as I RECYCLE
Pain and happiness it's all over, what an ADVENTURE?

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