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Competition Entry by x-cetra (Member)

Submit Date: June 23, 2008

Just thinking of a big adventure
Starts to show all, my bad temper
Cause Im so broke my rides a bicycle
Turning cans to cash makes me recycle
Were the ones they wrote the story for
To teach us about the late warrior
That lifes about survival
Were turning tribal run for your bible
We should gather up the rotten men
And just cut off there oxygen
Then pull out the bow and arrow
And shoot it ripping through the bone marrow
The gas price rise is a hard hit
Now weve realized were the target
I wish the prices would just shrink
But I think the economies a broken link
Weve been speaking but were not heard
And felt so empty like a crossword
Theirs been words said but none concluding though
We need air waves so meet me in the studio

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May 29, 2016

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