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Competition Entry by phizzetti (Member)

Submit Date: July 9, 2008

whoever said i didn't deserve to be on this spot betta stuff it cuz i spit flames like a dragon
i'm bout to run laps on u like an athlete
damn check my agility the way i put em words together
reminds me of how i used flip em birds together
can't put out my flame its eternal like its hell
don't let me assault u with my mojo
spittin fast like flo-jo on the track
i gotz ta trap from july to the next 10 summers
i'm independent baby i don't stop at intervals
cuz i gotz ta be the best rapper dead or alive
moving at the speed of lewis hamilton
i shoot past ya like a space rocket aiming for the sun
now i burn errbody tryna get cloce to me
tighten up yo buckle boy i'm knuckle u and snatch yo duffel bag phizzetti i'm like cheese to rats i don't deal with bratz i deserve to be in the spotlight
so shut yo beak boy u got the dragon

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