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Competition Entry by Pooch_Dolla404 (Member)

Submit Date: July 13, 2008

Ya Know I'm Hotter Den Da FLAMES From A Torch And A DRAGON//
When I Spit My Flow Sick So Hatin' Cats Yeah I'm Braggin'//
Money DESERVES To Be First So Imma Get It Or Die//
Try To Jack Me And See Fireworks Like The Fourth Of JULY//
Imma Hustla So You Know I Aint Dat Much Of An ATHLETE//
For The Dough I Come Runnin' Like Involved In A Track Meet//
So If You Cats Wanna KNUCKLE Up I'm Outta Ya League//
Beefin' Wit Me, Is Worst Den A Car Crash At High SPEED//
Cause The Weapons That I Pack Bout Da Size Of A ROCKET//
ASSAULT Rifle On My Lap And I Already Cocked It//
All While I INTERVAL I Been Plottin' For Profit//
Stupid Cats Steady Hatin' But My Glock Help Em Stop It//

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