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Competition Entry by MCMD ( (Guest)

Submit Date: July 18, 2008

I'll tell you bout a dragon who deserves lots of praise/
He would spit fire so fast they called him Rocket Flame/
Not a man or dame could contain the beast/
does a knuckle uppercut at breakneck speed/
Burns necks like nets for great athletes/
and could demolish whole towns while still asleep/

In 50 year intervals he'd come round here/
Which fell in mid July of just last year/
I feared him not when he assaulted me/
I was in a Wal-Mart buying groceries/

he was about my height but his skin was green/
a dirty brown coat and big gold ring/
He stepped past me to grab Candy/
He scuffed my sneaks then mean mugged me/
"All right buddy that's enough of This"/
Cut in front of me but don't scuff my kicks/
His fist reached out and his claws were gnarly/
Then He shook my hand and said he was sorry/

He was a real nice dude/

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