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Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submit Date: July 19, 2008

These rap clowns donít deserve the crown,
Starting up a new era call positive sound,
Haters want to assault the southeast beast now,
Cause Iím an athlete survivor from the 804 town,
Ready to drop the fourth of july lyrical rhymes,
Instead of spitting out negative vibes of crime,
Eight years hustling on this knuckle grind,
Protecting the word with interval landmines,
Another way to encourage the blind to shine,
Realize itís the year of the V-8 dragon fusion time,
To snatch up the sword of hate on the holy plate,
This month competition melts faster than snowflakes,
Dealing with holy crates put you in first place,
I rather speak the truth instead being gangster fake,
My mind is a advance destroyable target rocket,
I speed up the process plugging in the electric socket,
In order to fill up my empty flatbread pockets,
While everybody sound the same oí same and lame,
I was the one that flame down the Houston crane,
A bad sign a change is coming to the rap game,

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