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Competition Entry by Black Magic (Guest)

Submit Date: July 20, 2008

Its my time to shine is something i deserve
its time for my voice to be let out and be heard
I love hip-hop it aint absurd
I listen to every song i listen to every word
Boy im like Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon
Id assault you so hard you wouldn't know what happen
Id be rappin all day you would think id be on speed
if rappin was a sport id be the number 1 athlete
Interval in music is the pitches between two notes
Incredible is having to bitches on a boat
but i aint tryna gloat
i aint gotta boat
im rappin so hard i havent even choked
Boy id hit you so hard your knees would buckle
once you on da ground i'll hit you with the 5 knuckle shuffle
if think i aint got no flame, if you think i aint got what it takes
you can stick a rocket up your ass and fly to space
22nd of july is the end of this shit
man im done rappin now, give my trophy bitch.

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