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Competition Entry by x-cetra (Member)

Submit Date: July 20, 2008

A win would be sweet like fresh honey suckle
Iím here to compete and wont swing a knuckle
Cause the first to swing is the one at fault
Outside of the ring they call that move assault
If you're an athlete that's all hardcore
You want your last meet to be held before
Your big dream of ending at the flame
A win for your team then crack out the champagne
But don't drink to quick you need to conserve
Bask in the moment with feelings you deserve
The beginning was slow in learning what you need
Going up and down slopes till you gained some speed
You can train alot then slip into a hole
The lesson thatís taught is you need an interval
And to break free in the middle of July
Life can't always be the riddle of why
So get a rocket pack and fly all around
Nothing can top that feeling off the ground
You fly like a bird and swoop like a dragon
A sensation that's unheard if it ever could happen

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