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Competition Entry by ISpiTaT Chu (Guest)

Submit Date: August 1, 2008

here we go i'm bringin maself bak to tha CIRCUS/ i'm showin u a whole lotta shit n it'll bring me bak to tha surface/
this whole notha unit shit / i dun rap jus to get to wordz to fool wit/ i'm jus so sick of shit/ sick of it/ i jus do it/ for tha muzik/ soon i start i get in ma ship/
az soon i start i'm bout to shoot a torpedo/out ma very ship shit / cuz it's mufukin war legal/
ma cuz used to be in tha navy so course its war lethal/ im in tha city not only do u see one eagle/ we see more than four eagles/

im far illegal to it /when it comez to shit i been thru/ ima be an assasin wit these fukin wordz i created/ so i could fool u/ i created a whole notha new fukin ass passion/ this passion's not only great/ its passionate good ole fashioned rap ass whoopin u off bak to tha state/ im a black belt/ hell im like a fukin ninja/ i'm goin wit fate/
i'll have all yallz fukin murdered or injured/ to tha stake/ or have carried on az bate /n for ma sake /im bak wit a new readerz digest/ it'll make ya digest to fast/ these illusion/ makin flames bigger than criss angel'z illusionz/ i've cum bak to this infusion/ i've cum bak to this life of delusionz n pain/ ya can't calculate/ i calculate but how many canadianz wanna leave tdod/ but only go way to tha states/ in a couple of dem crates/we are foolin wit ourselves if we can't figure out who goin to be our candidate/ i mean ye its hard to calculate/
when u calculate / thats when i call for canada cuz that'z where i'm from/ jus meet me at a.k.a. tdot dot com/

cuz ma wordz are hotter than a weapon its higher than a hundred degrees/ it'll take ya too long to put it out by one might have to in ten groups a threes/ cuz tha heat i bring/ will throw u across ur feet/ on ur knees/ u bout to be blown off by this white boy catapult/ cuz im in it for a fukin phat assault/ bad sack i hault so i'm bak to get murdered or killed/ cuz it's tha will in me/ that i'm willinly puttin maself in/ to fukin ass win/

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