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Competition Entry by MIXON (Member)

Submit Date: August 4, 2008

It's taken me a while to digest these fakas
and now im bout to shit out my rage an my anger
when I shoot im leavin craters catapult em up to angels
calculate by 8 an divide em up like graters
an scatter all the parts after dark on the lake of
somwhere I aint sayin but back to these fakas
ya I see ya makeup
it like a circus full of clowns an im the lion out to taste ya
the illusion that your greater bleeds away up in the face of
Brash the assassin you just anotha fa-tal-ity
best keep 360 degrees
of lookout cause I lay low like torpedoes under the sea
fast an silently till i pop up violently
an evaporate yo face from your godamn anatomy
an anybody in it
they'll be backflippin like a ninja
from the chrome 45 to the dome as I spit it
this MIXON it isn't G-Unit bitch shit
or any otha muffucka claiming that they live this

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