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Competition Entry by Killah Free (Guest)

Submit Date: August 14, 2008

i am the almighty.....and i be perfect
yall just actors like the clowns from the circus
i am hot.....thats why it feels humid
i'm movin tracks faster then you movin 1 unit
i'm big... you samll like devito
im so high way higher then torpedos
you a dildo? that why you say you strappin
you strap in like a seat belt but i'm an ass-sassin
i have what i got i aint afraid to put it in ya
creepin in the dark, black mask like a ninja
just to make the top you know i be trying my best
but like fast food is gon be hard to di-gest
i'm the best i aint tryin to cause confussion
im my own drug cause all i'm seein is illusions
calcutlate teh fact that i'm makin all this money
360 degrees spinin throwin out money cause its funny
im a catapult................and i'm loaded
i am the best................and you know this

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