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Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submit Date: August 15, 2008

I'm the 804 assassin beast priest,
Ready to let my ninja swords unleash,
My slow flow is hot like Texas Pete,
Cause I can handle the 90 degrees heat,
Catapult h20 bombs on the weak,
Only the strong survive on clean beats,
Stars I had to seek and reach,
Chillin on the beach like Charlie Sheen,
Lyrics sparkle like Canada Dry green tea,
So I can calculate my creme,
Balance my dreams on triple scale beams,
Leader of the CHP unit team,
Haters always be ready to scheme,
Just call me Mr. Alieve,
Who been digest sacrafice seeds,
Satan job is to kill illusion dreams,
When you do right he blows off steam,
My job is to torpedo past circus fiens,
That can't even rap clean,
I'm unstoppable like the T3,

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