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Competition Entry by Liquid G (Guest)

Submit Date: August 16, 2008

Lets bring it to the surface
half the worlds worthless
clowns in a circus acting as one unit
like a torpedo in the water just trying to move through it
so forget rest
take the time to digest the complex effects of my ryhme sense
u waiting like what he gonna ryhme next?
far from a nija but a verbal assassin
start snapping and murdering mc's with my rapping
cause rap to me is not stop
always ready to catapult an onslaught
inceration of the highest degrees
for all those mcs who oppose my dreams
rappers flossing there jewels just a illusion
they say my lyrics can cause confusion
im just trying to calculate the time it take
to piss enough people off to fill a lake
just give me a list of about 50 more ryhmes
i light up a spliff and give yall 50 more lines

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May 29, 2016

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