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Competition Entry by C. AleXander (Member)

Submit Date: August 26, 2008

they say you cant find a diamond in the sand
but what about a star?, i bet you can if you look real hard.
its evident that evidence forms the verdict
collect sea shells but thats not where the worth is

now in a parallel galaxy, a reverse universe
you'd find heaven exists before the time of your birth
you'd pick stars from the sky, be born in a hurse
but things turn out differently on the surface of earth

we find star-fish in the sea, we're flaw-less on the beat
rhyme like phelps in the olympics, gold medals each heat
but they accuse me of using a gadget to cheat
now really? come on i cant fathom this beef
for real, I'm robotic when I'm faced with defeat
you cant stop it, so shocking they scream for repeat

so i flow like cups of joe' in mid-morning traffic
they're shocked I'm a chick rhyming so classic
and how I just rocked this with such skillful tactics
the breathe in my chest allows me to spit backflips
my flow is symphony, swag: no doubt that i have it

......cuz you can't play the saxaphone if you're an asthmatic.

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