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Competition Entry by Patcash aka Tasmanian Devil (Guest)

Submit Date: September 7, 2008

I ain't got enough EVIDENCE that I saw a STARFISH I was using a GADGET that can't Record,My mind was stupit like a Robotic boy.Gal my flow ain't PARALLEL to the GALAXY I know Im a sinner but HEAVEN that's where Im going,Kenny G tought me how to use a SAXAPHONE in 5 munites his comming to COLLECT his money don't laugh that's was not funny.Poetry I treat it like my honey.

My flow cause problems for this GALAXY or at yo home,
Yo wife calls me a dog that's bcoz I meet her at the OLYMPICS and ate her bone,
No hard feelings she was home alone,
I am making more money using this SAXAPHONE but I ain't Sylvester Stallion,
This haters are copy cats and Papoose is my clone
Did u see that STARFISH? In 60 seconds it will be gone
January the 14th a king was born
Just like Juses did In HEAVEN Iím changing the game
EVIDENCE that's my name
I got enough GADGET'S to milking money out of the game
When u rap u sound like a ROBOTIC mechine talking and thatís a damn shame
I can give u 10 years to up yo game
And u still gonna come back as lame
AK this niggaz r looking for sum one to blame
Their record was a flop coz they ainít spitting hard flames
These cats are inda game for chicks and fame
I have been underground for years and things are still the same
PARALLEL connections(PC)thatís my Crew and together we pause time
This fakers can sue me but out of me they ainít gonna COLLECT dime
Who needs punchlines when I can hit this Boy with a rhyme?
This time is my time to shine and take back whatís mine
I leave no EVIDENCE be-hide
They love using GADGET'S ask my Boy Seven
Just like Busta Rhymes I'm an OLYMPIC rapper
Do u need EVIDENCE?
Check this rapper are chasing after my flow
But they are slowly running out of Breath.HA HA
My rap instruments ain't got no SAXAPHONE and I'm doing it with passion
COLLECTING money that's my only mission
Soweto representer and South Africa is my Nation
What more can I say about a STARFISH
2010 World cup is coming to South Africa do u think FIFA is selfish.

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