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Competition Entry by CodeMan231 (Member)

Submit Date: October 9, 2008

Hey yo, it's CodeMan, I'ma show you how it go
never correct my flow, straight shoot it like an ARROW
lyrics as my AMMUNITION, gotta hit the TARGET
blow it up, make the flames, you know that I start it
got this game in my hands, preparin to crush it all
hit the road to fame, my flow will never stall
walkin down the street, CROCODILES on my feet
hit the corner with the honeys that's gettin the cake that's sweet
bitch this shit aint complicated, get naked and then make it
this the RECIPE, just take it and then you bake it
hop in the whip after the done deal
Beamer with the 24s, me behind the WHEEL
CodeMan, makin dreams becomin reality
I'm a NIGHTMARE to these others that won't take a glance at me
got these fools actin funny like they wanna join the CIRCUS
tryna stop my swag, they tryna stop my focus
ILLUSIONISTS tryna make you believe shit
what's comin out they mouths, nothin but fake shit
I think it's about time to ABANDON this magic spit
and time to split this bitch with my magic dick

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